Mikros Image Canada - Montreal, Quebec - Canada

About Mikros Image Canada

With its 30 years of existence, Mikros Image is a French pioneer in post-production and digital imaging as it addresses various fields such as: advertising, film, TV, music videos, video games and institutional communications.

In 2011, Mikros Image moved to Montreal and continues its development by engaging in the production of 3D animated movies via three animated feature films: Astérix et le Domaine des Dieux, Mune: The Guardian of the Moon and The Little Prince.

In parallel, Mikros Image Canada continues its historical production of activities, making realistic visual effects and complex pictures (via the supervision of shootings, coordination of advertising and creative cinematographic works, the creation and manipulation of animated computer images, and post-production of advertisings, television and film) for advertising, TV, film, and more recently for cross-media projects and events.

Today, Mikros Image is present in France, Belgium and Canada and is home to more than 170 permanent and 120 freelance graphic designers in addition to delivering more than 350 projects a year.