International Game Technology (IGT) - San Francisco - San Francisco, California - United States

About International Game Technology (IGT) - San Francisco

International Game Technology (IGT) is the foremost supplier of gaming machines and gaming monitoring systems in the world. IGT has established strong and lasting business associations with all of its customers around the globe. IGT provides video and slot games for many applications, including traditional casino environments, Native American gaming, riverboats, and lottery environments. IGT has developed this diversity of product and expertise during our 20+ years in the industry. As a company, IGT offers the expertise, maturity, and capabilities required of a high-technology gaming equipment vendor. IGT has corporate headquarters and production facilities in Reno, Nevada, totaling approximately one million square feet. The company also has numerous sales, service offices and distribution contacts worldwide.

Our employees meet the highest standards of job performance and professional ethics. With a total of approximately 4,600 employees worldwide, the company has several well-defined procedures and standards for its hiring practices that are used by its recruitment professionals around the world.

7 out of every 10 games in the US are IGT machines. Why is this?... Customers buy the games that will generate profits for them. They look for the "hot games" and IGT leads the way in creating exciting and rewarding machines. How is this achieved? Great people make hot games. We select, not hire, the people that design and develop hot games, that build and ship the games and the support people that reinforce our market leadership. What gives IGT the competitive advantage is our organizational capacity ... the people and teamwork.