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About Rising Sun Pictures

At Rising Sun Pictures, we've been proudly crafting visual effects for Hollywood blockbusters for more than two decades. Located in South Australia, our modest studio has been working on feature films including Thor: Ragnarok, Alien: Covenant, Logan, X-Men: Apocalypse, Pan, The Legend of Tarzan, as well as the landmark HBO series Game of Thrones: Season 6. You may recognize our award winning Quicksilver sequence in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and our shuttle re-entrance sequence from Gravity.

Our company structure allows RSP to drive for complexity and scale, while remaining nimble enough to adapt to new challenges. Our focus on people allows us to blend the best of our long term staff, with artists from around the globe to create beautiful and complex visual effects. Our in-house education invites fresh minds into the industry, and promotes in-house training to existing employees to expand our artists knowledge; you are never too old to learn!

Looking for that team vibe? RSP's floor-plan is open across two floors in a cozy inner city location. Join our community were walking among departments is invited - get up and check out what lighting are working on. How's layout going? Have a look! We are an open community with optional Friday night hang outs and two open kitchens. Have a chat with artists from other departments while you make coffee, then walk back to your desk while you chat with one of the co-founders. Thriving on open communication we have fortnightly company meeting where all cards are on the table and the floor is open for questions.

If you're looking for that small town feel, but want to expand your career horizon and still want to contribute to significant feature films, Rising Sun Pictures is looking for you.

Full Time Jobs:

Sep 27
Head of Production

Rising Sun Pictures - Adelaide, Australia

Contract Jobs:

Jun 11
Senior VFX Producer

Rising Sun Pictures - Adelaide, Australia