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Storyboard Artist


Position:  Storyboard Artist

Reports to:  Lead Story Artist


Position Description and Responsibilities:

·         To collaborate with the Director/Lead Story Artist to explore and develop the visual story of THE NUT JOB 2 a 3D feature film production slated for theatrical release.

  • To listen to the director’s verbal description/launch of sequences and shots and realize character action /pacing/mood/cinematography in visual form.
  • To create new and interesting ideas to capture both the activity and the emotion of the scene.

·         To present and lead the visual direction of story sequences via contributing to sequence/board production while concurrently overseeing a team of storyboard artists.

  • To self-manage timelines to ensure all sequences are cast, completed and submitted on schedule.
  • To revise, edit and modify sketches as indicated by the Lead Story Artist.
  • To implement various computer programs to enhance the visual presentation of ideas for the scene or for effectively capturing the director's ideas for shots/sequences.

·         To streamline or eliminate unnecessary scenes and filming requirements from the production.

·         To assist with visual exploration, research, and/or creation of design (character/environments/props) as required by the story during visual development/pre-production

·         To maintain awareness of the broader show needs as they relate to aspects of art and design and related revisions which include, but are not limited, to stereoscopy;

  • To work in adherence to budget and schedule constraints while maintaining continuity within the story, cinematography, aesthetics, mood.

Required Skills:

·         Good understanding of layout, composition, sequential drawing and editing.

·         Ability to visualise perspective and 3-dimensional space.

·         Work either independently or as part of a team.

·         Take direction, and also be prepared to make changes to their work.

·         Good drawing skills, and must be able to follow an established design style, if required.

·         Good communication and presentation skills are essential.

·         Depending on the project, basic computer literacy, and familiarity with relevant storyboard software may be required.


·         Strong portfolio of work.

This Job is no longer active!