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Supervising Animator


Job Description:

The Supervising Animator works closely with the Head of Character Animation, the Production Supervisor, and other Supervising Animators to manage and run the animation department.  This person is the creative lead for a designated character and may be involved in helping to design the character. The supervising animator is responsible for the acting choices of the character throughout the movie including physical comedy moments, emotional beats, and overall appeal.  The ideal candidate will have had prior experience developing characters in an animated feature.


Job Duties and Responsibilities:


·          Responsible for the character performance and consistency throughout the movie, including initial 2D or 3D tests to help define the personality of the character involved.

·          Interact with Director to help define the acting requirements on both a sequence and shot basis.

·          Animate key shots within the sequence that help to define the acting and are an inspiration for other shots within the sequence.

·          Work with animators to ensure the creative goals by the Director are met.  Involves hands-on relationship with the artists, viewing sequences before the Director, and collaborating during Director approvals on shots.

·          Participate in animation reviews and meetings (dailies, walk-throughs, pre-production meetings, blocking meetings, editorial meetings, etc.).



·          Assist in the set-up of department structure for the film: hardware, software tools, production process, and training. May also assist in longer term department structure strategies for the studio.

·          Work closely with the Character TDs, Head of Character Animation, and other Supervising Animators to ensure the performance requirements of the character work with the rig and tools.  Also ensure ongoing communications with the Character TD’s to make sure the process runs smoothly.  

·          Work with other Supervising Animators to reach consensus on the rig philosophy and to achieve consistency across all characters (e.g. naming conventions).



·          Interacts with other departments to ensure acting performance of characters is preserved across all sequences.

·          Work closely with the Head of Character Animation and Production Supervisor in the management of the department.

·          Work with the Head of Character Animation and Production Supervisor to hit sequence deadlines and ensure the quotas are met for both shots and sequences.

·          Work with the Head of Character Animation, Production Supervisor, and Directors on casting shots/assignments to Animators within the sequence.

·          Responsible for improving the performance of Animators on the team.  Mentor Animators to provide guidance, experience and insight.  Involved in trying to resolve performance related issues.

·          Deliver reviews with Production Supervisor to crew members; help manage career growth of staff; provide recommendations for promotions.

·          Work with management in the casting and staffing of talent on the show.



·          3-4 years of character animation experience in feature films.  Previous character development experience is a plus.

·          Strong working knowledge of Maya

This Job is no longer active!