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We're looking for people to join our growing team who:

  • Seek out challenges and are comfortable with the unknown.
  • Thrive in fast-paced, innovative, creative environments.
  • Are expert communicators and collaborate well with others.
  • Take initiative to solve tough problems.


Assist the Animation Department in implementing mocap and hand key animations in Maya and into the UE4 Game Engine. We are seeking an animator proficient in mocap editing, hand key animation, and rigging. This is a Full Time Position.


  • Animation Support: Collaborate with the Animation Director and other animators to create AAA quality animation with a "Photo Real" quality bar.

  • Motion Editing: Ability to manipulate motion capture and hand key animation seamlessly together.

  • Rig Building: Rigging, weighting and setting up controls and interfaces for character animation.

  • Problem Solving: Advanced technical problem-solving skills.

  • UE4 Animation Integration: Knowledge of the UE4 Pipeline and PhysX set up a Plus.


  • Hand Key Character Animation

  • Motion Capture Editing

  • Character Animation game integration

  • Rigging, weighting, and setting up controls and interfaces for character animation.


  • A strong demo reel that demonstrates a high level of proficiency in classic animation principles and its fundamentals as well as the ability to create the full range of lifelike performances from the subtle to the dramatic and powerful.

  • Extensive experience with Animation in Maya.

  • Extensive experience with: Motion Edit and Hand Key Animation in Maya.

  • An excellent understanding of real time animation and physics.

  • An expert-level understanding of next-gen game character development processes, tools, pipelines.

  • Experience with hard surface and smooth deforming character pipelines and setup.

  • A demonstrated ability to integrate the creative and technical character-building processes.

  • Knowledgeable and experienced in PhysX and UE4 Blueprints a plus.

  • Mel/Python Scripting a plus.

  • Experience with Unity Game Engine a plus.

  • Game industry experience and published titles a plus.

Additional Skills and Interests:

  • Self motivated to work closely with the animation director and production team.

  • Work well with other developers and development disciplines.

  • Impassioned gamer with experience in various genres and artistic styles.

  • Appreciation for visual arts across various mediums.

  • Traditional art skills and art fundamentals a plus.

  • Strong attention to detail.

  • Excellent time management skills.

  • Passionate about what is next in Video Game Animation and across all Visual Entertainment.

This Job is no longer active!