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Sr Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer


Job description

We have multiple computer vision and machine learning openings: from Engineer, Scientist, to Director.


  • Invent and Innovate new Computer Vision and Machine Learning approaches
  • Lead Computer Vision and Machine Learning R&D for a well-funded 3D HCI/AR/VR start-up company
  • Report to CTO, managing and directing related road map
  • Manage self-initiated goals in a collaborative team environment
  • Create and align related priorities/goals with all stakeholders
  • Work closely with application and core engineering teams to provide CV support and directions
  • Make important and (occasionally time sensitive) decisions that affect developers, products and end user experiences

Desired Skills and Experience Qualifications

  • 5 years’ experience in a related Sr. CV and ML research or engineering role, with published research work and/or meaningful development input on shipped consumer products or platforms
  • Commercial experience in projects using 3D computer vision is a plus
  • Strong software, hardware, and systems development understanding
  • Strong 3D geometry skills
  • Experience with recognition, motion tracking, kinematics, robotics, skeleton tracking, physics.
  • Experience with depth sensing and visual-inertial navigation, proficient with SLAM technology
  • Able to work well with internal/external developers and customers to help build applications, turning CV, AI, and Machine Learning into fully functional products
  • Problem solve better than a single-working parent, working best under pressure, and always enjoying hard challenges
  • Project management skills
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Proven fluency in C++ (JAVA, C#, Javascript, and Unity all a plus)


  • BS in CS, EE and/or Mathematics, Physics w/experience
  • MS w/experience
  • PhD preferred w/experience

This Job is no longer active!