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Real-Time Technical Artist



Infusion Studios is on the hunt for an experienced Unreal Engine Technical Artist to join our Portland, Maine office. Work with major automotive brands including Cadillac, Porsche, GM Defense to name a few. Unreal Engine is our platform of choice. The ideal candidate will be well versed in content creation and Blueprints in Unreal as well as 3DS Max to Unreal work-flows. Possessing a passion for creating stunning real-time visuals and experiences while being capable of addressing the technical aspects of development is crucial.


  • Working with creative teams to design and execute interactive experiences using Unreal
  • Create interactivity & UI - Create interaction and functionality using Unreal’s Blueprints and UI systems
  • Material Creation - Design PBR materials in Unreal as well as develop best practices for other artists
  • Lighting - Understand and employ Unreal’s lighting and light bake systems
  • AR / VR - Knowledgeable in augmented and virtual reality experience design and execution
  • Testing and R&D - Prepared to develop and deploy workflow and development solutions to the team


  • 3+ years experience with Unreal Engine
  • Advanced and demonstrable experience with Unreal's Blueprints system
  • Experience with 3DS Max and how it relates to Unreal work-flows
  • Experienced with related software such as Photoshop, Zbrush/Mudbox, Substance Painter, Substance Designer etc.
  • Some experience with ARKIT and or ARCORE
  • Willingness to explore and integrate new workflows and tools to improve process and output quality
  • Ability to take a project through the complete pipeline on your own or as part of a team
  • The drive to push through short deadlines, and the motivation to have productive downtime
  • A passion for visual effects, entertainment and 3D experiences, as well as photography and film
  • Strong artistic and conceptual ability to visualize and maintain the design and art vision of a project
  • Excellent communication skills with both clients and colleagues
  • positive, inclusive workplace attitude

Additional Skills (Strongly considered):
  • Knowledgeable in virtual production
  • Project management experience
  • Scripting skills with Maxscript, Python, C#, and C++.