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Scientific Visualization Studio Lead


Applications must use the following link to apply for this job through the USA JOBS website:

This position will be the on-site lead for the Scientific Visualization Studio ( located at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). The position will be responsible for (1) managing an award-winning, high-performing team of scientific visualizers, software engineers, and system administrators, and (2) creating novel visualizations in support of projects and missions using innovative technology solutions to manipulate and visualize large-data sets for science and engineering.

Responsibilities include the following:
  • Manage all aspects of the Scientific Visualization Studio, including managing civil servant and contractor work (which include experts in scientific visualization, software engineering, database, web sites and interfaces, and system administration).
  • Generate yearly work plans based on requirements from NASA stakeholders, workforce planning, and budget planning, and coordinate closely with other Goddard groups, including public affairs, writers, and editors.
  • Discuss requirements with customers, including relevant scientists, engineers, and other visualization experts and define the levels of effort and/or funding required to generate specific visualization products.
  • Meet regularly with customers and management to provide updates and progress reports, including monthly reports and updates as requested.
  • Provide leadership in the area of high-end scientific visualization through attendance, presentations, and papers at relevant meetings throughout NASA and relevant conferences.
  • Generate new business opportunities for additional work, and provide capabilities briefings, as needed, throughout Goddard, NASA, and relevant meetings.
  • Facilitate collaboration across relevant NASA groups, other government agencies, and industry partners; conduct special studies, as required and directed, for NASA Programs/Projects and their partners.
  • Provide contractor oversight and monitoring on contractors engaged in this work; prepare contractor task management plans and provide performance feedback.
  • Create high-end visualizations of scientific and/or engineering data, manipulating large data using state of the art visualization tools and high-end computing solutions.
  • Develop data reduction, analysis, and visualization software solutions for NASA use, and when appropriate, for use outside of NASA.
  • Perform the application of, or research into, new visualization technologies, computer science methods, data manipulation, data transformation, and/or data management.
  • Apply foundations of computer science and system engineering to maintain and continue to advance the computer system architectures (hardware and software) needed for NASA visualizations in an environment of ever-increasing data volumes.
  • Analyze and explore of alternative methods for storing and creating visualizations, such as the use of cloud and high-end computing solutions.
  • Evaluate emerging high-end, information-technology solutions for innovative methods of processing, reduction, analyzing, and visualizing scientific and engineering data to better meet the customer's requirements.