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Science Animator


We’re seeking an animator or CGI artist to illustrate the most mind-blowing Earth and Space Science stories in the Universe! Our team of animators, data visualizers and science producers work on everything from advanced planetary mission concepts to news-making results from missions like Hubble Space Telescope, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, and NASA’s climate monitoring missions. Our target audience is the public and your animations will be distributed just about everywhere – cell phones, tablets, news broadcasts, documentaries, spheres, domes and IMAX theaters.

Animators interested in working on a project from beginning to end will find this position rewarding. Duties include meeting with scientists and producers and developing the animation concept, storyboarding, model/scene development and following through to the final renders. You will also assist senior animators by creating models, rigging characters, setting up scenes/lighting, rendering, and compositing.

This Job is no longer active!