Studio GPU - Los Angeles, California - United States

About Studio GPU

Studio GPU is a high-end graphics software company that brings the power of real-time 3D to the visualization and creation of CG animated content for film, DVD, architecture, and other products.

We are looking to expand the visual quality and usability of our production tool, Mach Studio. Mach Studio takes over the 3-D pipeline between 3D modeling and animation from software (Maya, Max, XSI, Lightwave, etc.) and Post-production software like Final Cut Pro, including final renders. The software features a non-linear animation timeline providing for multiple layers of animation; unlimited camera setups (static or animated); an advanced lighting system that uses a proprietary ray casting shadow system; an interactive materials editor, and real-time ambient occlusion. The system provides pre-visualization and professional level CG animation in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost of traditional animation methods.

After using the product on many completed animated projects we are ready to launch Mach Studio world-wide with our partner AMD.  We are looking for talented developers to help us push boundaries and change the way people do visualization.