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About Geomagical Labs

Geomagical Labs is a new startup, applying novel computer vision & 3D graphics technologies to a platform for mass-scale consumer applications, in an industry neglected by innovation for decades. We are bridging the divide between state-of-the-art academic vision research and commercially-valuable, beautiful, consumer applications.

We are headquartered in Mountain View, California, in the heart of the Castro Street downtown restaurant district; an easy walk from Caltrain and bicycling trails. For the right candidate, we offer a rare opportunity to join an influential tech startup when it is less than ten people, led by founders who've taken two startup teams through IPO. We can offer substantial stock equity packages, of the sort only available to the earliest startups.

Contract Jobs:

Oct 02
Senior Real-Time 3D Graphics Engineer

Geomagical Labs - Mountain View, California