Pixelmolkerei - Toronto, Ontario - Canada

About Pixelmolkerei

WE ARE PIXELMOLKEREI - Serving Professional Education and Marketing Departments since 2001

We take e-learning and simulation tools to the next level. We recreate the intricate behavior of hospital machinery equipment and surgical trainings on all platforms. Our products are ideal for training medical students and professionals. For a better immersion and precision, our projects include entire surgical procedures in Virtual and Augmented Reality. Users from all over the world can join in the virtual space and train together.

We make your products come alive. Innovators from the scientific field find our skills invaluable when it comes to visualizing the effects of medication, processes like liquid crystal technology, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and sensor technologies. Our services include building anatomically-precise CGI animations of complex surgical procedures in 3D for customers such as J&J Medical Device, Hamilton Medical, Medela Health- & Breast Care, and Straumann Institute and many more.

Located in the Swiss Alps and growing strong since 2001, our team is made of highly-trained experts in a wide variety of fields. We work together as 3D specialists, game designers, software developers and video & post production professionals to deliver exceptional products that leave a lasting impression on a global audience.

Pixelmolkerei means “pixel dairy” in German. Just like milk is used to make delicious cheese, fresh yogurt and creamy chocolate, we use your 3d data as a base for all our unique products.

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