1QBit - Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

About 1QBit

Our Mission: To apply breakthroughs in computation to machine intelligence and optimization science through a widely accessible, hardware-agnostic software platform.

Our Vision: At 1QBit, we believe that quantum technologies will form the next pillar of computational progress. We are just beginning to harness the properties of the quantum universe to assist our most advanced computing hardware, but we already know this will be a revolution unlike any previous evolution in computing design. In the short term, quantum coprocessors will be used for complex problem solving. In the near future, processors will harness the properties of quantum physics by design. Our research, services, and technology are focused on leveraging the optimal use of computing power at all points along this trajectory.

What We Believe: 1QBit is guided by a strong set of values that we’ve carried since our company’s inception. As we’ve grown, we’ve maintained our focus on five fundamental principles:

1)Audacity – A drive to pioneer and apply new methods. To dream without limit and then do the hard work of bringing your ideas into reality.
2)Open Thinking – A belief in the sharing of ideas. To approach each exploration with a receptive mindset and collaborate openly to produce the best possible results.
3)Interdisciplinary Collaboration – A respect for the diversity of people, backgrounds, and skills. A wide range of perspectives reveals a more complete landscape and yields deeper insights.
4)Ownership – A feeling of pride in the work of the team and a deep sense of purpose and accomplishment from your contribution.
5)Beginner’s Mindset – A desire to improve as an expert while retaining the curiosity and openness that inspired you to begin.