Mental Canvas, Inc. - New York, New York - United States

About Mental Canvas, Inc.

Mental Canvas, Inc. is a computer graphics technology startup. Our mission is to enhance visual communication by computers by fundamentally elevating the way people draw. We’re building a team that thinks creatively and embraces innovation.

Mental Canvas is a transformative software platform that combines the ease and fluidity of conventional 2D sketching with expansive capabilities. For visual thinkers who sketch to explore new ideas, communicate new concepts, create new knowledge, or design new products, the Mental Canvas authoring system picks up where pencil and paper leave off. The content, or spatial drawings™ created using Mental Canvas represents a new interactive media type for use in journalism, books, movies, games and more. Similar to what the word processor has done for text, or Photoshop has done for photography, Mental Canvas reimagines the sketch, imbuing it with entirely new capabilities, bringing it fully into the computer age.