Virtual Heroes - Raleigh, North Carolina - United States

About Virtual Heroes

Virtual Heroes was founded in January 2004, and through the efforts of its impressive team of creative, technical, and artistic talent, Virtual Heroes quickly won recognition and awards by establishing itself at the nexus of cutting-edge game technologies and world-class production values. From the beginning, Virtual Heroes’ approach to interactive instructional design and experiential learning has focused on simultaneously inspiring and educating across the enterprise. Our highly immersive, dynamic and fun content links learning objectives to measurable performance outcomes.

In April 2009, Virtual Heroes Inc. was acquired by Applied Research Associates, Inc. The Virtual Heroes Division of Applied Research Associates, with team members in Raleigh, North Carolina and Orlando, Florida, creates collaborative interactive learning solutions for the healthcare, federal systems, and corporate training markets, along with live training solutions and synthetic virtual environments for the government space. Our team has created many GOTS solutions for government customers in the areas of large-scale terrain, automated building generation, and synthetic environment export to a wide range of training platforms. Virtual Heroes’ Advanced Learning Technologies (ALT) platform leverages simulation learning and digital games-based learning paradigms to accelerate learning, increase user proficiency, and reduce training costs.