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About Outfit7

We’re Outfit7 and we take fun seriously.

Back in 2009, smartphones were just starting to become a thing. A group of ambitious entrepreneurs had a vision that this would become the next big thing in entertainment. Spoiler alert: it did.

For us, the adventure started with Talking Tom and led us on a wild ride from gaming to streaming and TV shows and out into the real world! What started with Tom repeating everything you say in a funny voice evolved into a multi-platform entertainment company.

Today, our games have been downloaded 12 billion times, our video content has over 50 billion views and we bring fun to families around the world. Behind it all is a gutsy team of kids-at-heart committed to keeping the world laughing in more and more ways.

Our success is fuelled by some of the best artists in the industry. Because we know the value of good art, we invest in the professional growth of every individual who joins our ranks. We expect nothing but the best results, but always support each other on the way and keep the atmosphere light even when the work gets tough.

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Full Time Jobs:

Sep 03
3D Animatior

Outfit7 - Ljubljana, Cyprus