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About Chicken Bone FX

Chicken Bone FX Studios is a VFX company in Manhattan Beach, California that specializes in high-end visual effects for TV and film.

We put people first. Chicken Bone was built from the ground up as a largely virtual company. By doing so, we've been able to provide our artists unparalleled work/life balance via working from home, which enables them to produce their best work.

In placing people first, we not only think of ourselves but also our clients. At Chicken Bone FX, we believe great work starts with great listening. We are your strategic creative partner wielding a unified VFX toolset throughout the entire production continuum to bring your vision to life. If you’re ready to do great work together, we’re ready to listen.

Virtual Production, Animation, Compositing, Set Extensions, Environments, Digital Makeup, Beauty, Plate Reconstruction, Cleanup, you name it. Our team has decades of experience delivering VFX services of the highest caliber for the best TV and Film projects in the industry.

Full Time Jobs:

Aug 05
Systems Engineer

Chicken Bone FX - Manhattan Beach, California