Industrial Brothers - Toronto, Ontario - Canada

About Industrial Brothers

Industrial Brothers is a full-service animation studio that creates and produces its own children’s content.

What turns the gears at Industrial Brothers? Passionate artists driven to create memorable characters living in unique worlds and sharing compelling stories. That is what unites and inspires us, exceptional content that connects us to our own inner child and each other.

About Us:

Co-founded by Matthew Fernandes and Arthur Spanos, Industrial Brothers has spent the past 11 years creating and producing premium, original IP children's content for a global market.

Driven by the imagination of its artists, led by the dedication of its producers and inspired by the innovation of its tech team, Industrial Brothers has created brands that span across toys, TVs and interactive experiences.

Why we do it:

We believe that valuable children’s entertainment gives kids a sense of personal empowerment and a feeling of ownership with the content they interact with. As media becomes more interactive and mobile, there is now a chance for them to create their own stories and become a part of a much bigger world outside of their own. We believe imagination should be valued in each individual, and shared with the world.