Stardock - Plymouth, Michigan - United States

About Stardock

At Stardock we pride ourselves in taking care of our employees - our people are our family. Because we expect only the best out of our employees, they deserve the best in return. We have been in business for over twenty years and have exciting plans to grow into the future.

Our workplace offers employees the ability to work on multiple projects with a variety of teams, allowing for a dynamic and engaging work experience. Stardock provides creative workspaces, including a Doodle Room and VR demo space, as well as the ability to customize workstations. Additionally, our company has implemented fun activities and celebrations to boost employee morale, such as Treat Tuesdays and monthly birthday celebrations. The workplace also fosters a sense of community by hosting frequent team-building events and employee celebrations.

Full Time Jobs:

May 01
Senior Game Engineer

Stardock - Plymouth, Michigan