Gearbox Software - Frisco, Texas - United States

About Gearbox Software

Gearbox Software is an award-winning independent developer of interactive entertainment based in Plano, TX. Founded in February 1999 by game industry veterans, Gearbox quickly distinguished itself as a respected and recognized developer with the success of the company’s debut title, Half-Life Opposing Force. Gearbox established (and owns) two best-selling franchises: Borderlands and Brothers in Arms. The company has also worked on prominent franchises such as Halo, Aliens, Tony Hawk, James Bond and Samba de Amigo. Gearbox has grown steadily and currently employs over 150 creative and talented minds. The company’s amazing growth and string of quality products can be attributed to a philosophical commitment to quality in both the work environment and in product development. By employing the industry’s best talent and technology and using proven production methods, Gearbox creates successful, innovative titles that are, above all, fun to play and exciting to create.