Vivendi Games Mobile (LA) - Los Angeles, California - United States

About Vivendi Games Mobile (LA)

Vivendi Games Mobile creates cell phone games for everyday people. We treat the cell phone as its own unique platform and focus on creating truly original games - like Surviving High School. We also innovate in features. For instance, did you know that Amy in Amy’s Jigsaw Scrapbook changes her appearance based on the time of day?

We’ve been able to focus on innovation and original games because our team develops and ports all of our games internally. By doing everything in-house, we’re able to combine the ideas of all our departments to create new experiences in gaming. This focus also has enabled us to be one of the most successful “boot-strapped” companies in the space with several of our titles making Top Sellers list across various carriers.

We support all the major carriers in the United States, many more in Latin America, and are looking to expand our innovative games into new markets. We hope you’ve had fun playing our current crop of Vivendi Games Mobile games and will continue to experience new ways of gaming with us.