Spark Unlimited, Inc. - Sherman Oaks, California - United States

About Spark Unlimited, Inc.

Spark Unlimited is an independent software developer known for developing cross-platform, console games with AAA franchises. We are now in full production of mobile with well-established mobile game publishers.

Released titles by Spark include CALL OF DUTY: FINEST HOUR, TURNING POINT: FALL OF LIBERTY, LEGENDARY, LOST PLANET 3, and YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z. Founded in August 2002, Spark is based in Sherman Oaks, California.

Spark is an equal opportunity employer offering competitive salaries, a top-notch benefits package, and core work hours for flexibility. Spark is home to highly creative, passionate, and self-motivated individuals who excel in a collaborative environment. We are not just a work-for-hire studio; we are a work-to-create studio!