Animation Lab - US - Venice, California - United States

About Animation Lab - US

Animation Lab is Israel’s first fully equipped feature animation studio. Based in Jerusalem with a satellite office in Los Angeles, Animation Lab uses cutting-edge CGI technology to produce animated feature films and ancillary branded content that targets the international family audience. The studio’s features are financed by a group of international venture funds led by the Chairman and Founder of Animation Lab, Erel Margalit, Managing Partner of JVP (Jerusalem Venture Partners).

Showcasing a forward-looking union of animation, new media and finely honed storytelling instincts, Animation Lab represents a new model of independent production. Through technology that simultaneously serves the needs of its storytellers and creative visionaries, Animation Lab aspires to have a significant impact on the international entertainment market and become a forerunner in the digital media arena. The studio is currently in production on its first feature film, The Wild Bunch. For more information, visit