Mixamo - San Francisco, California - United States

About Mixamo

Mixamo is changing the world of character animation. We create services that help artists to create 3D art and animation, easily and quickly. We’re looking for bold people who are team players, high level thinkers, and know how to balance opinions with pragmatism (aka “getting things done” while “doing things right”). We write on the walls, we geek out and we work hard. We get things done and we get them done fast. We are always pursuing innovative opportunities and we have a lot to show for our outstanding team of engineers, artists and industry leaders.

We are based in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. We have a motion capture studio in the center of our office that we use to capture animations for sale on our website, and for commercial work.

Don’t see an open position? We’re always looking for great engineers and to connect with people in the industry. Send us an email telling us why you’d like to work here or to show off your work!