Longtail Studios - Québec, Quebec - Canada

About Longtail Studios

At Longtail Studios Quebec, we create games with character! Longtail Studios Quebec is a dedicated team of game developers who share a common vision to create the next generation of video games. Our sights are set on creating games with vivid characters, engaging storylines and superior gameplay. We believe the best way to succeed at our mission is to provide our team with a comfortable, professional, and fun work environment. We’ve taken great care to build a studio equipped with the proper tools to excel and we’ve developed a culture that values imagination and creativity above all. At Longtail Studios, we work in small teams with short identifiable, attainable objectives that lead to a sense of pride and ownership for those involved. We look to constantly expand the skill sets of our developers while maintaining a cooperative and playful environment that is equal parts laboratory and playground. We provide our teammates with competitive salaries, generous benefits and an opportunity to learn grow and thrive within the gaming industry. We want people who are looking for a friendly, fun and exciting work environment. With state-of-the-art tools, knowledgeable teammates, world-class vision and a deep desire to lead the industry in designing next-gen video games, Longtail Studios is an exciting and dynamic place to bring your talent. We truly believe phenomenal people make phenomenal games.