Analytical Mechanics Associates - Hampton , Virginia - United States

About Analytical Mechanics Associates

The ability to effectively communicate concepts, ideas, or analysis is critical in all aspects of a project's life. AMA has extensive experience in the design and development of visualization software and multimedia content spanning this life cycle. Whether you are in the early concept phases seeking investors, in the critical analysis phases working with engineering and management, or in full production selling the product- AMA's modeling, animation, and visualization team can support your needs.

Modeling & Animation
To support the needs of effectively communicating engineering concepts, AMA offers full service "visualization" graphics and animation development, from concept to completion. This includes element modeling, rendering, animation development, texturing, script preparation, lighting, and compositing. AMA produces animations using the latest technologies and software applications for all audiences and platforms.

Graphic Design
Good graphic design can aid in the communication of ideas to the audience. AMA staff are experts in graphics design and illustration. AMA services include 2-D graphics, conceptual drawings and illustrations, exhibit displays, and large format posters.

Interactive Media
AMA can script, design, develop, author, create, and deliver your concepts via CD-ROM, DVD or website-based media. CDs are particularly useful in communicating information when combined with visual graphics such as posters or technical handouts. DVDs and web-based delivery methods add the option of interactivity to the overall message.

Virtual and Augmented Reality
Virtual reality systems enable the user to become immersed in a computer generated world. Augmented reality adds rendered imagery to a view of the real world. AMA has used virtual and augmented reality techniques to create data rich environments for engineering and medical applications using the latest hardware and software technologies.

Advanced Visualization
Analysis tools, computer-aided design systems, and databases all contain or generate data that may require an advanced visualization system to effectively explore, analyze, or communicate. AMA's knowledge of the problem domain and working with the needs of the customer provides AMA a unique ability to design, develop, and deliver visualization systems using a variety of interactive techniques. This includes custom software applications using OpenGL-based solutions, Web 3D technologies such as X3D, VRML, and JAVA 3D, or two dimensional solutions using novel graphing techniques.