Ubisoft Sofia - Sofia - Bulgaria

About Ubisoft Sofia

About Ubisoft Sofia:

Ubisoft Sofia opened its doors in the summer of 2006 with 34 team members.
A core group of 11 Bulgarian developers, nine engineers and two artists, had been working at Ubisoft Bucharest on the production of the popular flight simulation game Blazing Angels® Squadrons of WWII for the Xbox 360™. The professionalism and talent of this core team persuaded Ubisoft to establish a studio in Sofia. The team was entrusted with the PS2 version of CSI™: Three Dimensions of Murder, reinventing the Chessmaster® brand with new installments on Nintendo DS™, PSP™ and Xbox Live® Arcade, the PC version of Rayman Raving Rabbids™, and the creation of Style Lab™: Makeover. Ubisoft Sofia also pioneered the PSN development in Ubisoft by making Prince of Persia Classics for Sony's PlayStation®Network.
Four years and several projects later, Ubisoft Sofia has established itself as the leader in the Bulgarian game development market with a team of 75 developers. Our expertise ranges from casual games to flight simulations, and covers a wide range of platforms and technologies.

About Sofia, Bulgaria:

Bulgaria is considered one of Europe’s best kept secrets and many of the foreigners who come for a visit fall in love with its charming, sometimes contrasting sites and warm people.
Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria. Conveniently situated at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, it offers not only all the attractions of a metropolis, but also the charms of a tourist destination.
Ubisoft’s Sofia studio is situated in the Mladost 2 residential quarter, 20 minutes by car from the city center and 10 minutes from the cabin lift to the mountain.