ToonBox Entertainment - Toronto, Ontario - Canada

About ToonBox Entertainment

Established in 2008, ToonBox Entertainment produces global, award-winning quality family entertainment content seen in theatres and home entertainment. With the national and international theatrical success of THE NUT JOB (2014) with Open Road Films, and The Weinstein Company, ToonBox Entertainment is an industry leading creator and producer of visually dynamic animated television shows and films for family audiences worldwide.

ToonBox Entertainment collaborates with international partners to produce and distribute fun and creative content, most notably works with Korean-based Company, Redrover, Chinese-based Hoongman and Gulfstream Pictures based in Los Angeles. In a team of highly skilled and leading talent within cutting edge facilities, ToonBox Entertainment has released top Hollywood-quality productions such as THE NUT JOB (2014), BOLTS & BLIP (2010), THE BEET PARTY (2012), and has upcoming SPARK (2017) and THE NUT JOB 2 (2017).