Wizards of the Coast, LLC - Renton, Washington - United States

About Wizards of the Coast, LLC

The story of Wizards is one of independence, inspiration, and opportunity. It's the epic story of a humble game company starting in its owner's basement and climbing to its current perch atop the global hobby gaming business. It entails a journey of discovery, in which entirely new worlds were conceived and brought to life through the vibrant shards of countless pieces of fantastic art.

It's the story of the pioneering days of our industry, when icons like Gary Gygax and Richard Garfield created unprecedented types of games and introduced the world to entirely new play experiences. It's the story of our firsts and the foundation of gaming that's still being shaped by our efforts to this day.

It's also the personal story of any gamer and the paths we open up to their individual creativity. It's a celebration of face-to-face connectivity and spontaneous imagination. It's the story of individual gaming groups coming together to celebrate their shared passion.

It's the story of those who live to game.