Monolith Productions - Kirkland, Washington - United States

About Monolith Productions

Monolith was founded in October, 1994, in Kirkland, Washington, by a small group of individuals with an extensive history in the computer and educational games market. While still developers at Edmark, Monolith's founders decided to enter the fiercely competitive European 'demo' scene with a Windows-based prototype that demonstrated the kind of gaming graphics that, at the time, were believed possible only by using DOS. This demo caught the eye of Microsoft Corporation, with whom the Monolith founders worked on an early version of what became the LithTech Development System. During these formative years, Monolith included both a publishing division as well as internal development teams.

The company later reorganized and focused exclusively on game development. By strengthening its internal management structure, hiring experienced developers, and focusing on timely delivery of quality product, the company strengthened its external partnerships and slowly built a solid reputation as a dependable development house. During this phase, the company grew to over 80 employees and three teams.

Monolith Productions was acquired in 2004 by Warner Bros. Entertainment and currently employs over 100 people, all based in Kirkland, Washington. The company has three projects in development across multiple platforms. Current and past partners include: Sega of America, Vivendi Universal Games, Disney Interactive, Fox Interactive, GT Interactive, and Microsoft.