Cat Daddy Games, LLC - Kirkland, Washington - United States

About Cat Daddy Games, LLC

So here’s the scoop, I know most of you probably think about an attractive young lass dancing around in a bikini when you hear the term Cat Daddy these days but long ago this was not the case. Patrick Wilkinson and Harley Howe formed Cat Daddy Games about 17 years ago and at that time the term ‘Cat Daddy’ was picked for a very different reason. Harley was born and raised in Indiana and had an older brother who owned a timber company. (Think Paul Bunyan) Anyway, Harley (a much smaller version of Paul Bunyan with a lot longer hair) told his brother that he would help him in the woods. In doing so he was assigned an old toothless dude that was basically in charge of keeping him alive. (It’s an extremely dangerous job…) When trees would get cut they would at times fall into other trees and basically get stuck at a 45 degree. Certain manly men would then climb up those trees and cut the tops of them off, freeing the tree to then fall to the ground. As this would happen these men would then run down the tree as it fell creating a scene that you would normally only see in the movies. As Harley first saw this he was quite impressed and was told by the old man in charge of saving his life not to worry about these men as they were Cat Daddys. As time grew, Harley would see these and other random acts of stupidity happen in the woods and he learned that they were always being performed by these Cat Daddys. At the time Patrick and Harley left Microsoft and started their company it seemed only fitting that Cat Daddy Games be a good name for their upcoming adventure.

Harley and Pat first met each other at Microsoft back around 1990. They were both working in what at the time was the newly formed Games Division. Within that group there was a small set of people that for lack of a better term, had no life, and were essentially living at work. Two of these people were Pat and Harley. They formed a mutual respect for each other’s work ethic and when the opportunity presented itself, both left and formed Cat Daddy. Pat handled the programming side and Harley the design and art. It was quite a well-oiled machine, with each of the lads performing their side of the duties. The two found how to best play off each other’s strong suits, for example, often times the children would make fun of Pat because of his ghastly appearance and Harley would hurry the children away with sharp sticks. This relationship grew and grew with multiple successful PC titles released and in 2003 they were purchased by Take-Two Interactive. With this they moved into console and delivered the Carnival Games franchise. As the industry changes so does their focus. They are now currently plugging away with Mobile and Tablet games with some really nice upcoming titles soon to be released.