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About UConn Digital Media and Design

Digital media is revolutionizing communications. In the areas of business, communications, digital art, entertainment, science, technology, and the humanities and social sciences; this leading-edge communications tool is demonstrating a remarkable capacity to convey information – no matter how intricate – effectively and powerfully.

Digital media has opened a dazzling array of previously unimagined communication, visualization, entertainment and social interaction possibilities. It has become vital for presenting complex ideas with simplicity, and for crafting highly original messages with exceptional impact.

“A dynamic melding of digital art, humanities, science, technology, and business is driving how digital media is conceived, produced, delivered and consumed.”
The form of the Digital Media and Design department stems from its commitment to four areas of education and research:

Digital Art & Entertainment: video/film, 2D/3D animation & visualization, web and mobile app design & development, interactive media and digital game design;
Business: digital marketing, branding, advertising, social media and entrepreneurship;
STEM: visualization and data analysis/representation;
Digital Humanities & Digital Social Sciences: integration of new technologies with research, teaching and outreach.


Our program is dedicated to establishing, advancing and promoting programs of trans-disciplinary education and research in digital media and design. Our commitment to experiential learning in the classroom prepares our students to respond to real-world challenges that will distinguish them as thinkers, creators and innovators in the digital space.

Students working in our state-of-the-art facilities engage with leading-edge hardware and software systems under the guidance of faculty who are all experienced professionals and practitioners. Each area of program concentration fosters collaborations with extramural companies and business leaders to address creative, intellectual, technological and/or production challenges as part of our outcome driven commitment to education.

Full Time Jobs:

Dec 28
Asst. Professor in Digital Film/Video Production

UConn Digital Media and Design - Storrs, Connecticut