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ACM SIGGRAPH News High End 3D Stash media
Directory of Illustration Play Illustration Sigweb Frames Per Second Magazine

The Animation Show is a showcase for the world's greatest independent animated short films. We have licensed animated short films for a variety of programs from theatrical and DVD collections, to iTunes, web, and for television (via MTV). Visit us online for the latest news on groundbreaking short films, upcoming tours and other amazing cinema events.

The Animation Show was started as an annual feature-length theatrical compilation of short films from around the world. The program is annually curated by Mike Judge (Office Space, "Beavis and Butt-Head," "King of the Hill").

The Animation Show launched in 2003, making it the first festival of animation created and produced with actual animators at the helm. A sister series of high quality Animation Show DVDs now supplement the theatrical tour with additional insights and brand new lineups of films - while the main Show remains a unique and unforgettable annual program that is usually gone forever once it is out of theaters.

Every year the Show works diligently to highlight brilliant short form animation helping to give these filmmakers the exposure their work deserves and sharing these short masterpieces with audiences outside of the festival circuit.

Renderosity is an interactive computer graphic community that has industry news, interviews, product reviews, tutorials, discussion forums, artist galleries and more. The Marketplace is perfect for buying and selling digital products and 3D models. It's the best brokerage program for artists interested in selling their digital products.

The Renderosity community is a diverse group of cg artists; there are architects, animators, authors, photographers, software designers, computer game designers, educators, film makers and music industry professionals who all share a passion for helping others learn, share and grow in digital art. This vibrant online community totals 500,000 registered members in 196 countries. The participation and interaction among members has built a family and a place known as a "home". The best part is Renderosity membership is FREE.

Renderosity is owned and operated by Bondware, a company based in Nashville, Tennessee. The company currently owns and operates several online communities. These community sites are based on the Bondware software that the company licenses and hosts to the business marketplace.

It all started in August 1999 as a project to make a simple 3D resource site.... Then in July 2001 we released Version 2 of the 3DTotal site, which was seen by 100,000 visitors each month. The latest figures show a tremendous growth to over 1.5 million monthly visitor sessions all enjoying the latest CG news, galleries, articles, tutorials, interviews and free downloads.

3DS Max Online is dedicated to providing resurces, tutorials, free stuff and more for all things related to 3D Studio Max. Check us out at

Photoshop User is the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) award-winning print magazine and NAPP members receive an annual subscription with their membership.

Published eight times a year, each issue is packed cover-to-cover with step-by-step tutorials, feature articles, and in-depth reviews from award-winning photographers, designers, and the world's leading Photoshop experts including Deke McClelland, Ben Willmore, Scott Kelby, Jack Davis, Russell Brown, Dave Cross, Jim DiVitale, Kevin Ames, and Katrin Eismann, among others., founded in 2004, is the largest online animation school in the world. It teaches character animation to students via the power of high-speed internet. presents a new paradigm in education. Students are taught and nurtured by their personal Mentor. These Mentors are professional animators working in the industry, from major studios like Disney/Pixar, Sony and DreamWorks. The glue that holds the founders, students and mentors together is their intense passion for animation and for each other’s success.

ACM SIGGRAPH is dedicated to the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques. They are a membership organization that values passion, integrity, excellence, volunteerism, and cross-disciplinary interaction in all of our activities. ACM SIGGRAPH is probably best known for the annual SIGGRAPH conference, but they also put on a variety of programs year-round and worldwide to benefit the SIGGRAPH community.

The Scratch Post is an online career resource for artists working in film. It includes information on Job Opportunities, Internships, Company Listings, School Listings, Industry Definitions and Interviewing Tips.

One of Hollywood's youngest organizations, the VES was formed in 1997 in response to the explosive growth in the visual effects industry. It is a professional, honorary society, dedicated to advancing the arts, sciences, and applications of visual effects and to improving the welfare of its members by providing professional enrichment and education, fostering community, and promoting industry recognition. The VES is the entertainment industry's only organization representing the full breadth of visual effects practitioners including artists, technologists, model makers, educators, studio leaders, supervisors, PR/marketing specialists and producers in all areas of entertainment from film, television and commercials to music videos and games. Comprised of a diverse group of about 1,500 global members, the VES strives to enrich and educate its own members and members of the entertainment community at large through a multitude of domestic and international events, screenings and programs., part of the Highend Network, is the leading portal destination on the Internet for high-end 3D information and resources. provides users an unbiased source of application-specific content, community, tools, plug-ins, scripts, shaders, surveys, polls, digital dictionary, utilities, tips & tricks, news, discussions, learning materials/tutorials, training, job postings, hardware tests, image galleries, list servers and commerce for the high-end digital content creators and IT professionals. Highend3d recently surpassed its 50,000,000th download milestone. Their users range from technology managers to digital content creators in the film, television, video game, web creation and industrial design industries. Initiated in 1996, one of the oldest 3d sites on the net it has grown to over 420,000 professional users. share digital resources and concepts with other professionals.

The magazine has been conceived and presented keeping in mind the need of the industry. It is the only English magazine in the field in Asia. Aimed at catering to the needs of the professional animators, students and anyone generally interested in the field of animation and computer graphics it will be on the stands each month.

Through the print media, Animation Today aims to bridge the gap between international production houses, the most competent animation studios and professionals in the field. With a major distributor like India Book House backing us, we hope to cast our influence over a vast clientele and achieve a competent circulation within a short span of time after setting foot on the arena.

In order to make our presence felt, and establish our credentials further on the world platform, we would make it a point to participate in all major international events related to animation and computer graphics, including MIFA, France, SIGGRAPH, U.S.A, Asia Animation, Singapore and MIPCOM, Cannes. Our issues would also be catering to major studios, talents, professionals, events and other such related aspects, providing an enterprising and enthusiastic platform, to bring out and bring up the best.

Every new step leads further on the scale of success and everyone at Animation Today believing in the same give our maximum to put out our best step forward always.

We strive to keep Animation Today an ever available, knowledgeable and easily reachable magazine, lighting the way to the world of animation and computer graphics.

CG India is an online Magazine and CG portal which provides wealth of information on 3d, Animation, Computer Graphics and Visual Effects (VFX). CGIndia is founded (in, Year 2005) with a simple idea of, Providing dedicated source of information and resource useful for the CG artists. CG India is committed to provide valuable features, which helps CG Artists in their creative pursuit and raising standards for the entire industry.

CGIndia is one of the first CG website who took advantage of RSS syndication for providing real-time news coverage via CGIndia Feed and can also be accessed using mobile device such as PDA, Cell phones etc. Since our launch , we have grown tremendously from getting couple of hundred visitors per month to more then 2,50,000 visitors per month and still growing in a very-2 healthy manner. CGIndia not only promote use of computer graphics world wide, it's always looks for new talented CG Artist to guide and help them, as well as bring them in notice of CG Industry. Our website provides the most comprehensive content, reviews, Articles, tutorials, free 3d models, textures, and daily World-Wide News updates for the CG Artists, 3d professionals, Animators and Visual Effects (VFX) Artists!!


PhotoshopCAFE is the world's most popular free resource site* for everything photoshop. With plenty of original tutorials, tips, reviews, active forums and inspiring galleries it's easy to see why PhotoshopCAFE has been a household name among designers for the best part of a decade. Newly designed with expanded tutorials in 6 categories and a large collection of video training and breaking news on new Photoshop developments, the community is well poised to continue as an industry leader well into the future.

*Source: Alexa (The industry benchmark for measuring web traffic) is run by author, trainer and digital artist Colin Smith and based in Irvine California. For more information visit

Photoshop User is the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) award-winning print magazine and NAPP members receive an annual subscription with their membership.

Published eight times a year, each issue is packed cover-to-cover with step-by-step tutorials, feature articles, and in-depth reviews from award-winning photographers, designers, and the world's leading Photoshop experts including Deke McClelland, Ben Willmore, Scott Kelby, Jack Davis, Russell Brown, Dave Cross, Jim DiVitale, Kevin Ames, and Katrin Eismann, among others. (3DTi), is a specialized 3D animation training institute launched by 3DMIRAGE (a pioneering 3D animation consulting company, with clients such as Warner Bros, CBS, Comcast and Samsung) to meet growing talent requirements in the booming 3D Industry.

3DTi provides expert coaching for those interested in launching a professional career in the field of 3D Animation. The company's mission is to nurture talent and cultivate entrepreneurial spirit using our unique "Learn-Practice-Work" concept. is a leading community-oriented game development site. It features daily industry news updates, a comprehensive 3D engine database, a development wiki, extensive articles, and active discussion forums.

Frames Per Second continues its tradition of articulate and insightful analyses of animation in all its forms, both in a free online magazine and on its website. The site features news, features, commentary, festival overviews, reviews, a treasure trove of links, a list of animation releases and books of interest, and the fps store.

GGDA is a non-profit trade association of businesses and professionals of the video and electronic game manufacturing industry of Georgia. GGDA is committed to the growth and development of this industry and the success of its members as they compete internationally.

When you need to hire a professional illustrator, look no further than The most talented artists from around the world showcase their latest work with direct links to their personal websites and blogs. Easy-access keywords organized by specialty, technique and style lead you straight to artists who have the skills you need.

PLAY! is your direct link to professional artists and design firms with experience in the toy and interactive game industries. The site features over 175 highly-skilled artists who can support all phases of product and packaging creation -- from initial character development and storyboard presentation to rough product presentations and final art/animation. Search artist portfolios by subject, style, specialty or technique, and view animation clips directly on the site.

A free resource for the 3D artist with free models, textures, tutorials and interviews. Also a large user gallery and complete link directory.

SIGWEB supports the multi-disciplinary field of hypertext and hypermedia, facilitating its application both on the World-Wide Web and also in independent, distributed and stand-alone environments. It provides a forum for the promotion, dissemination, and exchange of ideas concerning research and applications among scientists, systems designers and end-users. In addition to the established Web and Hypertext themes, the SIG is actively exploring ideas at the intersection of hypermedia and Digital Libraries, Software Engineering and the Humanities.

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