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Lead UI developer


At Boulder, Colorado based Churchill Navigation, we develop a unique
augmented reality 3D mapping system. Our software is used around the
world for airborne surveillance, search & rescue, and patrol

The engine can render terabytes of terrain, imagery and vector
datasets in real-time. It can consume a rich stream of live location
data, make spatial queries, then augment multiple channels of high
definition video with relevant information.

Our current system is wildly successful, yet we have only scratched
the surface of what is possible with our technology. We have set the
standard in the industry, and now we are ready to up the game again.

Join our small but highly dedicated team in the quest to take
augmented reality to the next level! You will be responsible for
spearheading the user interface development for our next generation
software. While the underlying system is extremely powerful, the
challenge is to make that power easily accessible to the user.
Designed from the ground up, to be simple yet flexible, embracing
multi-touch from the get-go, and using a no compromise, fluid
rendering system for the presentation.

You will need an excellent command of C++/C#, experience with complex
UI systems, and a solid understanding of 3D transformations, camera
animation and rendering pipelines.

Convince us that you are the person who has what it takes to deliver a desired end result and go beyond expectations.

This Job is no longer active!