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Previs/Layout Artist


General Summary

The Previs/Layout Artist is part of the Previs/Layout team conceived to clarify the cinematic content of the production well before the physical undertaking of working on a 'full scale' Set. The role  combines the production of flexible CG environments (Modeling, some texture/light) and the development of CG Camera Shots on such environments.


Essential Job Functions


·       Create and maintain iterative 3D models of developing Set Designs for use in production.

·       Work closely with Art Department to help realize the aesthetic vision of the production via flexible CG representation.

·       'Scout' CG Sets and produce Animated Layout of Shots/Sequences from Storyboard or verbal communication

·       Efficiently deliver work to Editorial Department and efficiently iterate to Director approval

·       Liaise with the on Set Camera Department as required for further input, feasibility and technical through flow

·       Maintain parity between CG Set and physical Set Design process up to modeling from Workshop Plans

·       Work with individual Supervisors/Artists as needed to explore Set, Screencap, communicate the space and/or implement changes

·       As part of a small team do so efficiently with easy communication

·       Be available to help develop new tools to improve the pipeline moving forward

·       Meet deadlines as established by Supervisor/Production Management

·       Other duties as assigned


This Job is no longer active!