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Smart Bomb Interactive is seeking an experienced Environment Artist/Architect with the passion and ability to create rich worlds in a variety of styles. Preference will be given to portfolios that demonstrate experience as a Senior or Lead-Environment Artist for titles featuring stylized imaginary worlds, as opposed to realistic environments.

* Ultimately responsible for aesthetics and accommodation of any technical limitations imposed by consoles/hardware.
* Create Artsets (representation of the aesthetic look and feel of an environment).
* Collaborate with Texture Artists and Conceptual Artists on creation of Artsets.
* Collaborate with Conceptual Artists to ensure that world is translated properly into 3D.
* Collaborate with 3D Modelers that are providing population objects.
* Populate worlds with objects provided by 3D Modelers.
* Collaborate with Level Designers, to ensure gameplay essence is intact as art polish phase begins.
* Oversee lighting, atmosphere, and color balancing on environments.
* Ensure that visible world is running efficiently on final hardware.

This Job is no longer active!