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Render Wrangler/Help Desk Representative


Job Summary:

The primary focus of this position is the management of renders as needed by production.  Secondarily this person functions as a help desk representative, helping with physical setup, artist support, and potentially growing into more.

All of FuseFX’s technical roles involve both technical and interpersonal components, ensuring systems are technically sound while maintaining open communication both within the department and with production teams.


  • Strong interest in and some experience with visual effects
  • Experience with render farm systems and management, Thinkbox Deadline a plus
  • Experience with data wrangling and moving data between networks
  • Familiarity with Autodesk 3dsmax or Maya, Vray a plus
  • Familiarity with compositing software, Foundry Nuke a plus
  • Some knowledge of Windows 10 troubleshooting and setup
  • Familiar with software installation and configuration
  • Able to effectively prioritize and execute tasks while under tight deadlines
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds to standing height
  • Ability to excel and work well in a fast-paced, team centric environment
  • Ability to maintain a high level of detail in a production environment
  • Possesses excellent decision making and problem-solving skills


  • Any experience with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Some knowledge of Apple OS X troubleshooting and setup
  • Ability to troubleshoot issues in artist workflow, pipeline, or hardware
  • Any knowledge of Houdini or Terragen
  • Experience in a production environment
Please apply here: https://fusefx.com/jobs/render-wrangler-3/

This Job is no longer active!