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Digital Matte Painter


FuseFX Vancouver is currently searching for Digital Matte Painters to join our creative team. The primary focus of this position is the creation and integration of photo-realistic matte painting for episodic and feature projects. The candidate will work with a team of professionals and support artists, producers, and supervisors. Candidates with a visual effects background and experience in episodic television production will be highly preferred.

FuseFX is an Emmy-award winning visual effects and animation studio focused on producing photo-real digital effects for feature film, episodic television and commercials.

A FuseFX Digital Matte Painter is responsible for painting/creating photo-realistic digital images then applying those images to geometry in a 3D environment with consistent and seamless results. The responsibilities of the Digital Matte Painter include:  reviewing client/company notes to determine the type, placement and number of matte painting elements required; examining the plates, clips and stills of the background and/or principal action, as available; examining and evaluating the look of computer graphics – animation, 3D modeling and technical effects – in an effort to integrate the digital matte painting; preparing tests of proposed matte paintings to show to the VFX Supervisor and/or client to apprise him or her of the progress and synchronization of the matte painting work; and finalizing and integrating the final elements.

The Matte Painter must be highly experienced with digital knowledge of the platforms and of the various software programs utilized in CG work – principally, Photoshop image manipulation, as well as competency in a 3D modeling software application such as Maya.  A working knowledge of a compositing package such as Nuke is also very helpful to have.  Knowledge of cameras, lenses, issues of perspective and parallax are necessary, as well as a demonstrable ability to create photo-realistic imagery with digital tools.

Please apply at: http://fusefx.com/jobs/digital-matte-painter/

This Job is no longer active!