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FuseFX Vancouver is currently seeking talented and experienced Riggers with animation skills for current and upcoming projects. Temporary and permanent positions available.

FuseFX is an award-winning visual effects and animation studio focused on producing photo-real digital effects for feature film, episodic television, and commercials.


·       Minimum of 5 years’ experience animating quadrupeds and bipeds
·       Strong understanding of animation principles in traditional and digital techniques
·       Create realistic FK/IK rigs for a variety of humanoids and creature models
·       Thorough knowledge of weighting and skinning Demonstrated ability to rig a variety of characters / objects in a realistic, non-cartoon manner
·       Assist in the creation of new rigs and rig components
·       Solid knowledge of Character set-up in Maya
·       Production experience with Deformers, Constraints, Hierarchies, Utility Nodes, Expressions, Hair & Cloth
·       Perform rig maintenance and fixes during production as requested
·       Experience working in 3DS Max a plus


·       5+ years experience in a production environment
·       Experience in Python in Maya
·       knowledge of anatomy and a understanding of bio-mechanics, for humanoid and animals
·       Should effectively execute all necessary assigned tasks while under tight production schedule deadlines
·       Strong creative and technical abilities
·       Excellent problem solving skills
·       Positive attitude
·       Work well in a team environment

Please apply at: http://fusefx.com/jobs/rigger-animator/

This Job is no longer active!