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Los Angeles, California - United States
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Graphics Engineer


We are a small, high-end, transmedia studio focused on creating visceral experiences people have never had before. We’re currently working on a performance intensive, next-level VR game that involves reconciling performance issues / ceilings with non-traditional realtime aesthetics, procedural audio, and heavy interactive gameplay. 

Currently working in Unity with Oculus Rift & HTC Vive.



      Work with the Creative Director to research and develop stylized look targets

      Work with the Lead Engineer to optimize the rendering pipeline in a demanding VR environment

      Implement rendering features and simulation algorithms on the GPU

      Work with the Audio Engineer to develop RTPCs (wwise real-time control parameters) that take graphics data and format it for driving audio


Qualifications and Skills:

      At least one shipped console or PC title

      Fluent in C/C++, and C#

      Comfortable writing vertex, fragment, geometry, and compute shaders

      Experience working in VR

      Experience working with 3D game engines (Unity3D a big plus)

      Experience with 3D graphics APIs (Direct3D 11+, OpenGL, Gnm, etc.)

      Experience with multithreaded programming

      Expert knowledge of rendering concepts such as level-of-detail, lighting, shadows, and post-processing

      Experience optimizing for performance, latency, and memory using profiling tools (PIX, GCM Replay, RenderDoc, etc.)

      Comfortable manipulating matrix hierarchies and coordinate systems

      Ability to communicate effectively with non-technical artists and designers

This Job is no longer active!