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Character FX Pipeline TD


Job Description

The Character FX Pipeline TD oversees the technical pipeline for the cloth, muscle, hair, fur and feather simulation and will simulate clothing (digital wardrobe), hairstyles, fur and feathers based on reference and artistic direction. Develops and support tools and technology needed to arrive at the desired visual style of the project. Will report to the Character FX Supervisor and Lead.

Primary Responsibilities

  • The Character FX Pipeline TD manages the pipeline of the Char FX team.

  • Consults with Character FX supervisor - as to the technical feasibility of the elements in the designs of the groom, hair/fur, feathers and cloth; and suggests production friendly solutions that will maintain the vision of the film.

  • Serves as a technical adviser to the Character FX Supervisor in the Look Development stage of groom for the characters.

  • Provides technical input and support for all shots/sequences being handled by his/her team.

  • Collaborates with R&D, Production Engineering and Production Management to improve and evolve the production pipeline and methodologies.

Position Requirements

  • Minimum of 2-3 years Character FX experience working within a CG Animation Feature production pipeline.

  • Experience as a developer is a plus.

  • Possesses a good understanding asset tracking and mgmt tools.

  • Good knowledge creating CG CharFX in Maya.

  • Experience with Arnold, a huge plus.

  • Good knowledge of dynamic skinning, cloth simulations, Yeti, Maya Fur, and Yeti.

  • Python, MEL and C/C++ programming experience.

  • Bachelors and/or Masters Degree in Computer Science, or related field, or comparable job experience.

This Job is no longer active!