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On-Set VFX Supervisor


CoSA VFX is looking for an outstanding On-set VFX Supervisor for a project in the Southeast with 2+ years’ experience providing on-set supervision for television shows or feature films.

Successful candidates will have a thorough understanding of the pace and dynamic of production crews working on location, how decisions made on set affect post-production VFX, and how to successfully engage key crew members in a collaborative and appropriately assertive manner. 

This opportunity is ideal for a VFX Supervisor who thrives on working independently, with minimal VFX support on set, while contributing towards the overall success of the larger VFX project. 


Recent CoSA projects include  Westworld, The Orville, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Gotham



* Effectively communicate VFX recommendations and needs while demonstrating savvy in on-set etiquette

* Strong understanding of green screen / blue screen set-up and photography

* Skilled at identifying when tracking markers and witness cams are needed (and not) 

* Able to obtain relevant set measurements and various kind of reference material, including photographic reference, HDRIs, photogrammetry and 360-degree photography

* In-depth understanding of strategies for shooting plates that enable the successful integration of CG elements

* Solid data wrangling skills and the ability to transmit back set data back to the studio in an organized  and timely fashion


Additional Skills & Abilities


* Familiarity with the Structure Sensor and on-set 3d scanning technologies a plus

* Ability to composite photo real VFX shots in Nuke, After Effects or Fusion

Please submit salary requirements and availability along with a cover letter.

This Job is no longer active!