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Senior Rendering Engineer


Activision is looking for Senior Rendering Engineers to join our team and drive the vision of what a true next-gen console can achieve.

We're looking for people who relish the challenge of achieving graphical rendering excellence in less than 16ms, who keep up to date with industry trends, want to intelligently apply the latest rendering techniques, and even break new ground on your own. You'll be comfortable writing gpu shaders and cringe when your gpu capture says you just added .2 ms more to the frame than you thought it should.

If you also have experience implementing tech features end to end, from data file to the screen, then put another feather in your cap and contact us!
• Work with our engine teams to develop cutting edge rendering technology for our AAA titles
• Work closely with our content teams to understand the desired visual results
• Write and maintain robust, high-quality code which meets performance goals given the challenging technical constraints of the target platforms
• Analyze, optimize, and improve existing rendering pathways and content creator workflows
• Contribute ideas for features and improvements as the engine evolves
• Communicate and educate fellow developers about implemented features and rendering technologies in general
• Adhere to team coding standards and best practices
• Understand and embrace the constraints of a game development cycle (you know when bug fixing and optimization become more important than new features)
• B.S. (or higher) in Software Engineering or equivalent
• 5+ years of graphics programming experience, including Xbox One, PS4 or equivalent platform development
• Knowledge of performance and memory constraints as they relate to game development
• Strong 3D math, particularly as it relates to modern rendering techniques such as energy conservation, alternate basis representations, voxelization, and path tracing etc.
• Strong understanding in modern 3D graphics APIs (Direct3D11+, OpenGL4.0+)
• Excellent debugging and performance analysis skills
• Good working knowledge of modern day GPU hardware and typical performance bottlenecks: Xbox One, PS4, GCN/Kepler + etc.
• Strong working knowledge of writing gpu shaders

About us:
For more than 30 years, Activision has been changing the way people play.  In the process, we have built one of the largest portfolios of recognized brands and today we are one of the most valuable interactive entertainment companies in the world.

Founded in 1979 as the first independent video game software developer and distributor, the company launched a series of multi-million unit selling titles in the early 1980s for the Atari 2600 including Pitfall, Kaboom! and River Raid. And since then, Activision has created some of the most iconic and memorable game experiences of all time.

Today, the company is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and leisure products for various consoles, handheld platforms and the PC.  Over the past five years, we have continued to thrive as a leading digital entertainment provider whose games appeal to a variety of gamers.

We strive to make the most fun, thrilling, and engaging entertainment experiences for our players, who live in a world with many entertainment options.

We recognize that our success is built upon the shared dedication of great people whose sense of mutual respect and teamwork drives our performance. 

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