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Senior Concept Artist


A Creative Development Artist creates concept art and illustrations for Blizzard’s game universes.  Your goal is to bring to life the characters and environments through epic pre-production concepts and inspiring illustration work to be used across the company.

Day to Day Tasks:

  • Create character and environment concepts for pre-production of our award winning animated shorts and cinematics in the Overwatch, Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, Hearhtstone, and Heroes of the Storm universes.
  • Create environment mood paintings, lighting studies, color keys, and color scripts
  • Create highly polished illustrations for animated sequences to promote new content and expansions
  • Partnering with internal and external artists to collaborate on large creatively complex assignments
  • Create jaw dropping illustration work to be used across the company for Blizzcon, Gamescom, marketing, promotional material, etc.
  • Create concept art and illustration work to help the game development teams with their creative and artistic goals
  • Work with art directors and directors to create a vision for our creative projects across the team

Your Background and Experience

  • 5+ years professional experience as a concept artist and/or illustrator
  • Exceptional ability creating traditional 2D art and you know when to work quick to generate conceptual ideas and when to slow down and polish an image for public consumption.
  • You’re an expert with shape design, silhouette, and structure as well as color and composition and you aren’t afraid to experiment with 3D when it helps get the job done
  • Exceptional understanding of human and creature anatomy and you know how to stylize them to create compelling and memorable characters with emotions and feelings.
  • You love to collaborate.  You have experience working with other artists and sometimes leading them on team projects.  You take initiative and will help lead a creative vision, understanding that creating epic entertainment experiences is a team effort and you thrive when working with others.
  • You love games, movies, animation, and you love dissecting them and exploring ways to take them to the next level.
  • You have a passion for Blizzard games and understand the unique approach to creating Blizzard art for our game universes.

Requirements: for Applying:

  • Resume
  • Portfolio – Only digital applications will be accepted such as a website, blog, or online album.  Physical media will not be accepted.
  • An art test may be requested during the interview process

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