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Software Engineer, Simulation, Autonomous Driving


TRI's Driving Simulation team is developing software tools, algorithms and systems to model sensors, and simulate 3D environments and agent behaviors. We apply them to accelerate the development and testing of fully autonomous vehicles and advanced safety systems. These projects develop and apply cutting edge techniques from the fields of computer graphics, artificial intelligence, computer vision and robotics.  We are looking for great software engineers who are passionate about deploying systems to improve the lives of millions.


  • Collaborate with other software engineers and research scientists to develop and maintain physically accurate models of sensors such as LIDARs, RADARs, cameras, IMUs, GPS units.
  • Develop tools and techniques that facilitate the authoring of realistic 3D environments and agent behaviors.

  • Develop software to perform photorealistic rendering of large-scale, complex 3D scenes.

  • Work with and between multiple technical teams to understand and ensure complete system functionality.

  • Live and breathe the software practices that produce maintainable code, including automated testing, continuous integration, code style conformity, and code review.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent.

  • Strong C++ software development skills.

  • Experience with modern real-time rendering techniques in OpenGL or Direct3D.

  • Strong math skills including proficiency in geometry and linear algebra.

  • Experience with game development including commercial game engines is desirable.

  • Experience with WebGL and web development a plus.

  • Experience with cloud compute a plus.

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