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Previs Layout Supervisor


Cinesite Vancouver Inc is seeking a Previs/Layout Supervisor for an exciting new animated theatrical feature film, The Addams Family!

The Previs/Layout Supervisor is a key leader who is responsible for creating the previsualization of the film and refining the final camera and composition of shots.

Duties & Responsibilities:

   *Oversee the team which creates sequences of shots that convey the story through the application of traditional filmmaking principles in a 3D computer environment.

   *Establish character blocking, camera positioning, and animate camera movement.

   *Work with storyboards to create and enhance story through the cinematic layout of shots.

   *Work collaboratively with the team and Directors to ensure that the Previz/Layout team adheres to the vision set out by the Directors and the final storyboards.

   *Work collaboratively with the coordination and supervising teams to ensure that the Previz/Layout team establishes shots and assets to the look, scale and composition standards set out by the various departments in order to help maintain scheduled deliveries.

   *Establish the initial shot manifest as it is handed off to the animation department, taking careful consideration of continuity and applying very restricted use of ‘cheats’


Required Skills & Experience:

   *5+ years of proven supervisory experience in feature animation and/or visual effects production.

   *Expert in Maya with proven experience with cameras, camera rigging, and modern previs tools.

   *Expert in storyboard interpretation.

   *Solid understanding of cameras, staging, composition, perspective, pacing, timing and general film making concepts and terminology.

   *Ensure that artists work collaboratively, taking direction and feedback appropriately.

   *Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.

   *BC residents preferred, but not required.

This Job is no longer active!