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Design Lead


Have you been waiting for the chance to be a design lead on an action / strategy game that’s not a MOBA? Want to work with a team that publishes their own IP and controls their own destiny? Well you’re in luck, because Trendy Entertainment, developer and publisher of Dungeon Defenders 2, is looking for a new design champion that fits that bill!

Are you an experienced gameplay designer, and have you played RPG and strategy games? Then you should have a great idea of what we need; you get to design combat mechanics, create new game modes, new characters, balance everything, and make sweet sweet loot. We own our IP, so we pretty much get carte-blanche to make big changes to our games as we see fit. But you’re not alone; we’ve got several other designers who will assist you, and in return, we want you to share your wizened learnings with them. That’s the core of the work surrounding Dungeon Defenders 2, but we’re also planning to develop some new IPs, and you’ll help us kickoff the design of our next great game.

  • Duties
  • Gameplay Design. Everything from documenting combat mechanics to balancing character stat tables to making interface mockups, you’ll get into virtually every system we’ve got. Our designers do both on-paper designs, and, do implementation work alongside artists and programmers as they bring their components online. So we don’t need you to do the actual coding / art creation itself, but you get to do the planning/documenting/finishing.
  • Lead. When you’re not doing your own work, we have several other designers we want you to train up. The job’s about 50/50 between your own hands-on work and reviewing/assisting our other designers, so we need someone with an encouraging and mentoring personality. 
  • Feature Champion. We’re continually making major additions to our live games, and we often rely on our designers to have the ‘big picture’ vision that guides artists, programmers, and other designers to success. 
  • IP Incubation. We plan on developing new IPs, and we want you to help develop IPs. Not that we expect you to come up with all possible IPs, but we need a good designer to shepherd any/all IP ideas we explore.

Requirements & Skills:

  • 4+ years experience as a designer
  • 1+ shipped games as a designer
  • Strong technical writing / feature documentation skills
  • Strong strategic balancing skills and RPG progression knowledge
  • Experience developing / incubating new IPs a plus
  • Familiarity with Unreal Engine technologies a plus
  • Familiarity with modern online, free-to-play games a major plus


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent game development school education

Other requirements:

  • Authorized to work in the US

  • Be willing to relocate to Gainesville, FL


To apply, please send your resume and salary requirements

Resumes received without salary requirements will not be considered.

This Job is no longer active!