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Rendering Test Engineer


The Rendering department at Weta Digital is seeking a Test Engineer to improve our automated testing infrastructure and procedures, which help us deliver highly robust software with continuous integration in a fast-paced production environment.  Additional responsibilities include working with rendering engineers to develop tests for new features, monitoring test reports, and helping to diagnose test failures.  Familiarity with rendering and visual effects production is a plus, because taking initiative to improve test coverage is a key aspect of the role.  For more senior candidates, we anticipate that this role might grow to encompass broader responsibilities, including coordination of integration testing across multiple departments.
    - 2+ years of experience as a test engineer for a large software project.
    - 2+ years of Python development experience.
    - Comprehensive knowledge of best practices in software testing.
    - Hands-on experience with a variety of testing tools and frameworks.
Desirable experience and skills
    - Experience in visual effects or animated feature production.
    - A degree in computer science
    - Software engineering experience in C/C++
    - Comfortable working in a Linux development environment.
    - Ability to work independently on a self-directed team in a customer-oriented production environment.

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