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Lead Digital Animator


Lead Digital Animator - Virtual Production


Looking for a talented and experienced Lead Animator to join our exciting new Virtual Production studio utilizing motion capture, game engines, and virtual reality to design the future of filmmaking.



  • Work on set, creating and tweaking animations with the Director for live implementation utilizing Virtual Production pipeline
  • Establish character blocking, camera positioning and animate camera movement.
  • Animate props, vehicles, characters and creatures (stylized and realistic)
  • Clean up and accentuate mocap and previz animation for final
  • Create high quality animation content in Maya and implement correctly in Unreal Engine
  • Create sequences of shots from storyboards and/or script pages to enhance story
  • Possess a strong sense of composition, color, and animation timing.
  • Create scene lighting that complements the shot and matches the sequence.
  • Understand cinematic language, camera terminology and have the ability to use motion blur, depth of field and other effects, to create realism.
  • Adapt quickly and accept change – often have to toss out ideas and start fresh.
  • Maintain high consistent standard of quality and speed.


  • Previous experience animating in games or feature film
  • Deep knowledge of Maya: layers, trax editor, mocap tools
  • In engine animation layering knowledge
  • Familiar with some kind of animation system: unreal, morpheme/euphoria, unity, etc.
  • Solid understanding of animation production pipelines
  • Good communication skills to enable you to work well in a team and take direction from clients, directors etc.
  • Ability to troubleshoot and solve problems independently
  • Desire to work in a new fluid animation pipeline


This Job is no longer active!